Ultra Lighweight travel tripod for camera and phone

lightweight travel tripod

A new Lightweight travel tripod has arrived!

The majority of digital nomads traveling the world taking pictures and making videos to keep their social profiles updated.

While you can do all this with a smartphone or a good camera, sometimes you need to do shoots in third person, or make a video for your vlog.

For this reason, one thing you should never leave at home is simply a tripod.

I reckon that digital nomads and remote workers are not necessarily professional photographers.

And I’m willing to bet they won’t spend a dime for an iper-professional tripod: simply they don’t need it.

It’s a annoying to put in a bag an heavy tripod that you will use only sometimes.

But, what if I tell you about an universal lightweight travel tripod?

Ultra Lightweight travel tripod for camera and phone

The packing hack of today is: Pedco UltraPod II – Lightweight Camera Tripod, a pocket-sized universal tripod (camera or smartphone) that weighs only 4.3 oz (119 g).

If you need something portable and foldable to take your own photos when traveling solo this product is just P E R F E C T .

best travel tripod pocket-size

Brand: Pedco
Product Name: UltraPod II Lightweight Camera Tripod


Key Features:
Weight, Unique ball and socket camera mount, Universal (smartphone, gopro, cameras), foldable, highly versatile.

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