Review: Mark Ryden Anti-theft backpack grey (is the smallest ever?)

backpack by mark ryden review

When you need to travel for work, and you ask for small backpacks suitable both for urban commuting and short trips you need something seriously portable.

One highly rated option is Mark Ryden Anti-theft backpack grey.

This backpack is efficient and it comes with a lot of space, despite the reduced size.

Below, I will show you a complete review regarding its features and specifications.

About Mark Ryden Anti-theft grey Backpack

This super handy backpack was built to be the best option for digital nomads that loves to travel tremendously light.

It can be utilized for urban commuting and fits perfectly for short trips as well. So you don’t need another bag to carry on your laptop or tablet-pc.

The Mark Ryden Anti-theft Backpack (grey top) has been solidly constructed with good quality materials such as water-resistant and anti-cut texture. In addition, the padding around the bag is good enough to prevent shocks.

This means: no dirt, no pickpockets, no damage to your stuff, and obviously no water infiltration.

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No matter where you go, once you arrived, you can take off things like clothes and personal valuables. So you start to use this backpack as daily business bag.

The tablet pocket is perfect for who uses a tablet-pc for work and its also fit with laptops under 15.6 Inch, so if you love tiny equipment this item is for you.

Sounds not interesting for big laptop owners, but, do you know that the future of remote working will be a small mobile workstation? We are not saying that, did it before.


future is mobile or at least tablet pc - remote working

This backpack is quite manageable and can be opened freely from 90 to 180 degrees and is equipped with a USB port for charging, lateral pocket with hidden zips for documents, wallets and phone.


  • USB (external) cable to connect a power bank (inside the backpack)
  • Water-resistant oxford, rain is not a problem
  • Light and comfortable in your shoulders
  • Front pocket (with zip) to hold small gears
  • Anti-theft pocket (zip) for all the valuables
  • Tested for daily commuting, short trips, travel, day hikes, camping.
  • A Nomad backpack that fits the airplane seat?

Most likely a digital nomad loves to pack lighter while doing a business trip: this backpack can be placed under an airplane seat.

You can’t really put everything inside this bag, but if you work with a tablet PC and you don’t drag your entire wardrobe around the world you can carry the essential without any hassle.

Size specs:

  • 16x 10.5 x 3 inch
  • laptop pocket: 15.6inch
  • tablet/ tablet-pc pocket: 9*10.5inch

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List of Pockets & Capacity

markryden backpack small grey pockets list

Pockets are everywhere! So below we focused on which pockets we can rely with Mark Ryden Anti-theft grey Backpack, from top to bottom.

  • Two on the outside of backpack (lateral/side)
  • One small pocket front (outside)
  • Two small card slots (straps)
  • One on the lower back
  • Two small pockets on the outside/inside flap of the straps: one suitable for a smartphone and the other one is for the USB port.

The inside consists in about 10 slots to place computer, notepads, business equipment, clothing and a pair of shoes.

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Customer Reviews & Rating

What about customers that already bought this item?

At we think it’s very important to consider their impressions about Mark Ryden Anti-theft grey Backpack so we’ve decided to investigate more on this product.

The backpack offered by Mark Ryden company (producing bags and business luggages for digital nomads since 2001) has over 146 reviews (view here) and the 80% of the people bought this loves and left a very positive review.

As we already said, users reported a backpack smaller than the classic “nomad” luggage, that’s because the backpack is very appealing to super minimal nomads, that don’t want to bring much stuffs around in their trips.

Some of the negative reviews are, in fact, related to sizing. If you are a classical seasonal traveler, this item doesn’t fit for you. Otherwise you will love it.

Known issues

Leaving out the fact of smallness of the backpack capacity, there are some (not critical) flaws regarding this item.

  1. Water resistant doesn’t mean waterproof. Don’t use underwater.
  2. Anti-theft means also that outside zippers are a little bit tricky to handle comfortably in certain situation (e.g. sweat)
  3. Expect minimalism not luxury materials

Apart from this, there are not critical issues with this backpack, but just remember you can’t put your wardrobe inside that and expect to travel happily. This product is for minimalists, literally.

Our opinion on Mark Ryden Anti-theft Backpack grey

So it’s worth the money? Honestly, yes. This is a non-expensive item, a minimalistic pack, modern, comfortable, with no frills.

If you are planning to declutter your digital nomad gear as much as possible, you can consider this a great option. This backpack will make your travel comfortable with the advantage to use just one bag when commuting occurs.

Our verdict: Positive. Sometimes “less is more”.

Mark Ryden Anti-theft Backpack grey

mark ryden grey backpack review

Our vote: 8.5 / 10
Perfect for commuting
Great item for a minimalistic luggage
Good quality and lots of pockets

Not luxury materials
Not for all kind of trips

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