Laptop stand for coffee shops

laptop ball stands

Laptop stand when on coffee shops? Seriously, yes!

This Packing hack will save space in your backpack, more than you imagine.

One of the most tedious parts of being freelancing in metropolitan areas like London (or big metropolis around the world) is trying to work in a comfortable way when in a coffee shop or in a bar.

The moment you found that place very nice and peaceful to make some hours of your work, you realize the difference to work without a laptop stand.

I even never dreamed to place 20×20 inches of plastic on a Starbucks table, but I reckon that every freelancer or digital nomad needs to work in a decent way, in a coffee shop as well.

So, how to place a stand without looking like a dork, and consequently do your tasks in a comfortable manner while you traveling or visiting a city?

Laptop stand balls are the solution

balls stand laptop coffee shop

A ball? Yes.

This silicone laptop cooling ball is demountable and consists in 4 silicone semi-spheres with different measures.

Simple to use: just place the four semi-spheres on the bottom of your laptop make your laptop view taller and comfortable; they help also to cool down the CPU heating.

When the work is done you can quickly take away (the ball is smaller than a hand), and your backpack will be sooo much lighter.

We think this is a great packing hack for digital nomad who like to travel lighter and place useful things in their travels, not plastic supports.

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travel laptop stand balls heat


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