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Latest post: How to succeed on Upwork easily

Someone said that being a freelancer is hard, but doing it on Upwork is more than hard.

So I tried to learn what is crucial for people when you approach this particular job platform.

If you are a freelance willing to start a career on Upwork, continue reading.

The first impression on Upwork is important?

Browsing on the internet you will find a lot of articles that treat Upwork as a matching platform like Tinder. In their opinion, you just have to be “sexy” (technically speaking) and expect to being contacted from employers.

In few words you just need to appear a highly skilled professional on your profile.

I’m not saying that it’s not true: you need to be accurate as hell and complete your profile as much as you can.

But Upwork in 2019 is literally bloated, and you will never land a job just doing the “profile” task.

You need to dig deep if you want to work with Upwork, and once I realized this I found two things completely disregarded from all bloggers: I decided to share with you, two of the main recommendations to succeed on Upwork.

Two recommendations on Upwork (My 2 cents)

  1. Don’t improvise
  2. Important: Do your research!

You need to do researches because Upwork is overloaded with people!

So you need to understand primarly how people can still get work from there. It’s something similar to market research and you should do on your own.

Basically, you need to investigate and find a good niche, where you can be good at.

And this because I never meet people that subscribed to Upwork as freelance writer and started to work immediately, taking 1200$/month. Noo way…

But there is something more important:

Please, don’t improvise.

You are probably smart, but how you can claim to be smarter than who’s already had success on Upwork?

Trust me, the majority of “Upworkers” know exactly what they are doing and they are sharp as a tack.

So if you want to learn their secrets to grab opportunities on Upwork you need to understand how they did before you, and there is no article on the internet that can explain better than a book wrote from an experienced “Upworker”.

There are tons of things you should know before trying to freelance with Upwork, so I found one of the most rated and complete book:

Diana’s Freelance Tips: How to Succeed on Upwork; a Winning 7-step Formula and Some Hard Truths from a Freelance Pro


Enjoy this must-read, and good luck for your Upwork experience.

How to succeed on Upwork easily

Someone said that being a freelancer is hard, but doing it on Upwork is more than hard. So I tried to learn what is crucial for people when ...

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